Does Red wine really have health benefits?

With many blogs, journals, scientific studies all prancing around the idea of wine being good for you, there are conflicting studies which has made it now become very unclear. We all know that any kind of alcohol is not entirely great for our bodies, so what makes wine an exception?


Wine contains an antioxidant – polyphenals which is obtained through the colour of the grapes skin, thus making red wine a somewhat healthier option. The polyphenal is supposed to help with protecting body cells and tissue thus preventing diseases.

Fighting weight gain.

Another study in Korea found that the compound piceatannol, found in red grapes can also help combat weight gain by blocking the cellular processes that allow fat cells to develop.

Other possible benefits may include…

1. Protection against dental disease.

2. Slowing down the process of memory loss.

3. Protection against certain cancers.


Heart Disease

There are many hypothesis around the idea that wines can help prevent heart illness, but is this really true? A recent study in 2014 busted that myth by conducting tests on Italians, who love the red juice. As it turned out, red wine did not help in this instance.

Increasing certain cancers

Cancer research studies show that actually having a higher intake of alcohol can develop breast cancer in women, amongst other cancers.

Unhealthy Habits

Drinking regularly can also induce alcoholism which with excessive drinking, also develops other problems with the body.


As with most things, moderation is key. Whilst there appears to be health benefits associated to consuming wine, excessive drinking can have adverse affects.

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This post is by no means intended to encourage excessive drinking and we would always advise to please drink responsibly.

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